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Deal Sergeant is moving warehouses! The more you buy the less we have to move. Everything is marked at cost- meaning what WE bought it for. You will see extreme price cuts and savings. This sale and inventory will not last. Hurry up and load up on all the gear you need this holiday season!

Free Shipping on orders $100 or more!




About Deal Sergeant

We work hard to get the lowest price possible for every product we carry. After finding awesome gear at great prices, we buy in large quantities for the absolute best pricing and then sell to you with the smallest possible mark-up. The only problem you will have is finding what to spend all the money you saved.  - See more at: About Us

News And Other Minutia 

We try to keep you updated on the most relevant and intersing news. For everything we have check out the Learning Center. Here is a quick preview.

Your heart is pounding, palms are sweaty, and you are turning green with anger. You just locked your keys in your car. Oh and you are going ot be late to work. Moms not around help. Learn how to unlock your car without keys. 
Knock knock...(window breaking). Someone is in your house unwelcomed. Are they just stealing or are they trying to get you. Either way you are in trouble. Learn how to prevent home invasions and what to do when it happens. 
Is your outdoor bag going to get you killed? Make sure you are taking the right gear for the right situation. Learn more!
If you spent some time searching online the best bug out bag or what to put in a bug out bag you might have been mislead. Dont fear, we have got you covered. 
Learn how to use this simple tool which can save your life in a pinch.